Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello and Welcome! :-)
I have been meaning to start My Blog for a long while, and over the Weekend I made a Promise to My Very Good Friend Eithne that I would join her in a VERY EXCITING PROJECT!!! That has given Me the push I needed!! All will be revealed Very Soon!! You can find Eithne's Wonderful blog here Card Room Delights.
I am planning to post all of My Crafty Projects here and possibly a bit of My Very Ordinary but Very Happy Life!! :-)
I will post some of My past Crafty Makes during the week ahead! :-)
I hope some of You will join Me on My Adventure!!
Don't Forget to call back Next Weekend for the Big Announcement! :-)
Until then,

Happy Crafting,
Michelle xx


  1. Looking very much forward to the weekend too :D :D wonderful blog and really looking forward to seeing all your fantastic creations :)
    Eithne xxxx

    1. Thank You Eithne!!, Roll on the Weekend!! :-) :-) xxx

  2. Welcome to blogland Michelle!! Xx

    1. Thank You Emily!! Hope I can do as good a job as You!! :-) :-) xx

  3. Yay! So glad she gave you a push and that you've started blogging again. xxxx

  4. LOL!! Yes I am glad she gave Me the push too!! Just hope I can keep up!! Can't promise I will keep blogging everyday though!! :-) :-) xxx