Monday, February 17, 2014

Sickness and an Almost New Project!!

Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been absent the last week, We are all sick :-(
Nothing major just sinus, migraine, cough and that's just Me!!
Hubby has sinus and headache!!
Little Man is the worst, Sinus, Earache, cough, temp and eyes stuck together!!! :-(

I had great crafting plans, and had started a few projects before all this hit, only got a Birthday card finished Saturday morning for My Sister-in-Law before she arrived at lunchtime!!!

I won't get a lot done this week with little Man still being sick and on midterm!!

I am going to show you a project I made Christmas Week for Evan (Little Man)
He wanted a Toy Cupboard that was on Peppa Pig which of course is not real!!!
He said Santa can get any toy, to which I replied a Toy Cupboard is not a toy!!
Thank goodness he agreed and that saved a lot of heart ache when Santa could not deliver!!!

I waited almost a week after Christmas day to give it to Him and it was very well received, it is a toy cupboard for his peppa figures and also doubles up as a classroom!! :-)

This is the front, I used Bo Bunny Blast Off 12x12 paper pack.
I had been hoarding this for a long time!! :-)
I used 2 Tim Holtz hitch fasteners as little knobs on the doors.
I couldn't make up My mind about putting His name on the left door.
Might still go back and do it!!

Inside view, I wanted to use a lot of the different patterns!!

Back view

Another to show doors better!

This is Evan, the minute I gave it to him he ran and gathered lots of His Peppa toys to play!

A lot of the Peppa Figures all sitting to attention in their Classroom!

The proud Teacher!!


Evan teaching Irish Words!!
I was so Happy that He liked it, I got over having to cut into My Paper Pack!! LOL!!
I hope to be back in a couple of days with a new project.
See You then,
Happy Crafting,
Michelle xx


  1. Wow amazing project Michelle! I'm sure your hard work was worth it when you saw his reaction! Ger x

    1. Thanks Ger :-) Yes He was so happy it made it all worth while!! :-) xx

  2. That cupboard looks fantastic! I love all the different patterns, hinges, handles and wow all the figurines fit perfectly! I'm sure Evan will get hours of play out of it :)
    Eithne xx

    1. Thanks Eithne, Evan Loves it, and that made Me so Happy, it was worth cutting into The paper!!!!! ;-) xxxx

  3. Oh, if you went into production of those you would make a fortune!!! Brilliant idea and beautifully made xx

    1. Thanks so much Emily, don't think i'll be doing that!!! LOL!!
      But I did enjoy making it, and Evans Face was a picture when I gave it to him!! :-) xxx