Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 3 of Older Projects!!

Hi, Just a quick post today!!
Have had a bit of a day from Hell, but am determined to get this up!! :-)
Am on a bit of a roll, and I want to keep up the momentum!

Did You notice My New Blog Header!!
My Friend Eithne designed it for Me!
I LOVE it, it represents My Hubbie, Evan and Me!!
You can find Eithne here Card Room Delights.

This is a project I made for Eithne, I put a calendar on it which is hanging on a Tim Holtz miniature hanger. This could also be used to attach a photo!!
This is the back, I made a little envelope to hold the other months of the year!!
It stood on a small easel.
This is a similar one that I made for My Friend Robyn!
Well that all for now, I will be back tomorrow!!
Happy Crafting,
Michelle xx



  1. Love your post, and especially love my beautiful wall calendar :) Fabulous :) Sorry to hear you had a horrid day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

    1. Thank You Eithne!! Am so happy You like it!! :-) xx

  2. They're all lovely, Michelle. I still have mine. It is so special. I'll always treasure it. <3 xxxx

    1. Thank You Robyn, I am really happy to hear You still have it!! :-) xxx

  3. well done missus, this is brilliant, midi.

    1. Thank You Midi, Hope to see You soon!! :-) xx